playing to the algorithm // 7be2point5

Lee Rosy's Tea, 17 Broad St, Nottingham.

I put on a show at my favourite cafe in Nottingham. I presented a new body of work that came out of the WUU2? residency I did in summer 2017. 


For the first exhibit in a new series of arts programming at Lee Rosy’s, I expanded upon a new body of work created for online residency platform WUU2 earlier this year. Formed with screenshots taken from my Instagram feed,I use similarities found between posts sat beside each other as the content of the work. It is about visual language, symbols, motifs and the perpetual stream of imagery we choose to absorb daily and what happens when they become abstracted from their original context. 


Alongside the show, I held an artist talk and made an accompanying zine. 

image credit: Reece Straw

As well as displaying works throughout the cafe I occupied the residency space on the mirror downstairs in Lee Rosy's.