The stretch is better than the case

Upominki, Sint-Mariastraat 132B, 3014SR Rotterdam


Lieke Snellen (NL) with Davey Schoute (NL) | Hannah Whitlow (UK) | Liing Heaney (IR)

OPENING: Thursday 12 March at 19:00
20:00 Lecture by: Guy Königstein from the IRDEH Institute for Research and Documentation of the Erased History

Closing: Thursday 26 March at 19:00

Upon meeting each other for the first time, we seemed to agree that borders always define a space as such, so we set out to find them. Within the exhibition period we’ve based our research on a communal archeological journey to the far corners of Rotterdam; however, what we may find along the way just might diverse our path in other directions, for as far as the corners are concerned… We will be continually developing a body of work over the course of the three weeks, treating our findings as a nerve centre for the exhibition.


The Apprentice/Master project originally initiated by Kunstpodium T in 2008, matches talented graduating fine art students (BA or MA) from different art schools in Europe to renowned contemporary artists who connect with the work of the apprentices. During the project, groups of three to four apprentices work together and exhibit along with their master artist.