i had a nap on the train and now I can’t sleep

i’m at home so cant take xanax to help me sleep

my laptop has died so I can’t be productive or procrastinate

all I can do is look at my phone screen

you’re asleep so we can’t speak

you woke up so we spoke

you tell me how you want to better yourself but wont tell me how

you fall back to sleep so we cant speak

phone falls on my face

ate cheese squares on toast

feeling sick.

its three am im thinking about you thinking about me

I want to talk to you as though its just thoughts

Where I say the first thing that comes into my head without thinking

And you reply without thinking

Where we are just exchanging thoughts out loud.

hiya lad,

alright geezer,

nice one pal,

ey up mate,

how’s it going chap?

afternoon fella,


upon realising






on having boy short hair



hair Grips

memory Sticks



things that never really belong to you


tiny pencils and tape measures

come buy a slice of this lifestyle

walk through a world of wardrobes

your journey orchestrated by arrows on the floor

passing through fake doors

trapped into going the long way round

need a helping hand?

kallax and Billy bookcase

inanimate objects given personalities

a diaorama

a still life

shiny shouty loud and twinkly

modernist design at half the price

a loss of craft

not for sale

display only

find it yourself

built it yourself

do it your-fucking-self

keep calm I’ve found the malm

trinkets you don’t need

and I can’t breathe amongst the cacti and succulents


but they do good meatballs

swedish home store

sometimes i write words and sometimes i perform those words sometimes those words get published in zines 

hi-vis launch @ the chameleon

at The miners,

a workingmen’s club in Burnley,

the place that consumes the most Benedictine in the world,

i was escorted back over the golden line on the floor

with a sign on the wall clearly stating

men only.  


but women can’t read.


there’s something quite soothing about

the sounds of a washing machine

the gurgling

the promise of clean clothes

it evokes a sense of freshness

of washing to start again

wash whoever was in your sheets out of them,

so they are just yours again.

leave him on read

be aesthetically appealing

be original

be revolutionary

be authentic

be avant Guard

be meaningful

pose a question

answer a question

leave the viewer leaving perturbed

good art should

we’ve tried at least three times now,

and it seems were not compatible,

you’ve toyed with me,

flirted around the edge,

all this back and forth

but when it comes down to it

you cant quite seal the deal,


i mean I know it’s not easy

a lot of things to navigate

but really

is it that hard


to get a girl to

stansted airport via the national express coach?


get me there